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gasman its official

Today I’m going to bung some batteries in this wee web-cammy thing and take pictures of stuff, then I’m going to bore you all pooless with the results.

The man from the Gas-fitting regulatory body has just been to see me, so I can now officially work on things without having my legs slapped. He was a “bluff Yorkshireman”. The sort who can’t get through a day without letting out at least one “BY GUM LAD” type of expletive.

I’ve just remembered something funny, I was yarning with my work collegue the other night, we were fessing up to “the worst most embarrassing band I ever saw”. I admitted to seeing “Chas and Dave” but tried my best to caveat it by saying they were supporting Led Zepplin at the time (honest! At Knebworth festival).

Dave admitted to not only watching ……….. Dean Fucking Freidman but actually bought an album at the gig which he had autographed.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing… but you can thank my lucky stars that I didn’t.

Right then, I’m gonna call K to see if she is coming home for some grub, If so I will make her summat nice.

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