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fuck it to fuck!

Today things have been mostly shite, went back to a job where a nut had split after I left. (result, one wobbly bath tap) so no dosh for that one

Did some sleeping, Woke up to find that in an attempt to stop poo smells circulating through the house I had locked a cat in the toilet. The cat then tried to tunnel under the door resulting in one fucked up carpet.

K came home and wasnít best pleased. I had only been awake 2 mins so responded in a less than receptive way to having my ear chewed about it.

Then I went to work

Then spoke to K on the phone who is still pissed off big time, too much work too little time.

So I went home for lunch at 22:00

And now Iím back here.

And Iím not going to write anymore tonight coz there is no fucking point, no fucking point at all.

Fuck it

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