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my music shelf today

The 6 cd’s on the left hand side of my cd shelf which tend to be the most recently played are:-

1,The very best of EUPHORIA

2,The Best of Melanie

3,Joni Mitchell hits

4,EELS Beautiful Freak

5,Lou Reed New York

6,Chicane Behind the sun

The strange thing is that 50% of them are greatest hits, I think I feel a little guilty about this, Its like just eating the jelly off the bottom of the trifle, these people work hard to make rounded music albums, and I’m just wolfing down the easy bits and leaving the “dark meat” alone.

Having said this I often use “greatest hits” albums as the doorway to a deeper involvement with further albums, a taster if you like.

I might make a new banner later I have 17000 views left, so might pimp my diary out a bit more coz I luuuurve it when my dland chums leave notes and stuff.

I wrote a short story a while back, I wanted to be like George Orwell or Steinbeck but instead its just a dead cert for “womans weekly” soppy shite. Yuk!

Anyway , at some stage I shall be listening to King Crimson coz it was on echomans playlist yesterday and I’m pining for it!

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