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Ok I know its my own fault but my noggin hurts.

Yesterday was my day off work. In the morning I went a fitted 2 rads and a shower, then in the afternoon I had to go to a presentation by the company that we are being outsourced to.

Well, I’ve never heard such generic bollocks, such abuse of the word “passion” I cant be “passionate” about file servers, they just are. They have only 3 states, working, broken and turned off. What is there to be passionate about?

Anyway I had a little snoozle while the big bosses stroked each others egos, then about 6 of us went for beer and curry. I was a little bit “tired and emotional” as they say in Parliament.

So tonight I plan to be in bed for about 21:00, for a big sleep.

I picked up my invoices from the printers today… I was quite excited which means I am a saddo, but they have my name on them and everythin…..

I got some business card too, they look like this (I have edited lots of stuff out in case there are any crazy gasman stalkers out there)

You may notice that it’s a very dull company name, I wrote to la-the-sage who suggested all kinds of bright alliterations, but on reflection I thought that your average UK person with central heating is, how can I put this ,,,Dull!

Any attempt at flirting with humour in a company name tends to draw lots of tutting and shaking of heads.

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