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I’m sat here on my own but not alone listening to Mr Zimmerman. K is in somewhere else on a work thingy. I had one of my fave foods for tea. A cheese and crisp butty.

I also just watched “black hawk down” I’ve never seen such a filum of concentrated “budda-budda-kapow-iness” what felt like 6 hours of machine gun fire.

Are you sure we need another war?, coz if you are sure you want one I’m not going to play. Here is my long standing belief.


Killing people is wrong, I’m not gonna do it, Call me names or hang me for treason but guess what, I’m still not gonna do it.

And yes I know all the arguments, I just hang onto the premise that if every person in the world said “scuse me Mr Politician, If you want a war then you go fight it yourself… fuck the Rhetoric, you go fight it with your own flesh” than we would all get along ok.

Idealistic yes, but there I am.

Being born in 1961 I was only 8-ish during the “ summer of love” but some of it must have dribbled into me. I remember a news film when I was very young of a hippy chick carefully placing flowers into the barrels of some mean looking national guards rifles I thought it was wonderful.

I think I shall go to bed, I’m weary and feel very old.

oh yeah, before I go, a joke for all you fellow geeks.

"there are 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who dont"

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