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its plane to see

Today I had a nubbin of a lie-in, got up and pootled, there is no other word for it. Pootling is what I wanted and pootling is what I got.

Then I went to see the flying school dude, the weather was piss poor again but he gave me a briefing and let me sit in the drivers seat and waggle the controls about. I did this for a wee while and asked all the dopey questions I had in my head.

Then he asked me if was going to stop grinning at any time in the foreseeable future.

I have this problem with being excitedscared I get a big cheesey grin on. Anyway the weather is set to be nice tomorrow so fingers crossed, He said we can go fly over our house too, so don’t forget to wave if you see an erratically flown Cessna at lunchtime….

Then I went home, went for a walk, did some ironing, washed the doors (sticky finger prints) then K came home and we went to bed for a wriggle (my lust has moved back in with us), got up had a curry and a couple of beers!

Beat that for a day!

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