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I'm glad to be back !

Sat here listening to NEXT by “The sensational Alex Harvey Band” a blast from the past, my first copy was bought from a second hand market stall in the middle of Manchester.

The stall was next to a “yates’s wine lodge” which was basically a pub which catered to poor,down and out alchoholics. The floor was spread with fresh sawdust daily and the speciality was a drink officially called an “all-in” but known throughout the land as a “BLOB”.

Ok here is the recipe, one dock of Australian white wine (its brown in colour), one slice of lemon and a sugar cube in a half pint glass topped up to the top with boiling water, tastes like cough medicine but takes your legs out.

Advertised with the slogan “ A PIE AND A BLOB, ITS JUST THE JOB” unfortunately “yates’s” is now a franchise chain with no soul, however there is still one left that retains its original lack of charm, and K insists on going there whenever we visit Manchester. Last time we were in there a complete stranger fell asleep on her shoulder.

So today, More quality wriggles in the afternoon, Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m Not trying to come over as all stud like, but I’m reet chuffed with the way my libido has gone from “not bothered” to “ GAGGING” in the last 2 months, maybe I was really fed up, maybe it was the night shifts that took away my umph. I don’t care I just know that radishing K is a fine way to spend an afternoon.

We went out for tea tonight, we drove out to a pub in little village in the country that is so pretty and twee that it almost makes me cringe, but you just know that behind each perfect little cottage door Sebastian and Fionna are busy putting Tarquin and Portia to bed before catching up on the Market positions for their portfolios.

All the farmers live in the suburbs of big towns coz the accountants from the big towns pushed up the prices of the local cottages.

Anyway, we were munching away when K got a call to say she should be out for a Chinese with her work mates, (Bugger!) so I drove her home in a huff ( a small german car :-)) coz having had 2 beers she was all set for flopping on the settee while I tickled her feet and she watched coronation street. Instead she had to get dressed up and I dropped her off in town.

Other news, The floor crashed into my perfectly hovering model helicopter today and now the whirly bits on top are all broke DOH!

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