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My feet for the last 30 ish years have been clad in “Dunlop green flash” shoes. My last pair have just expired so I managed to buy 2 more pairs on the net. They may not be trendy but they are very comfy.

I own 6 pairs of footwear

2 pairs of green flash (but of course you knew that already)

1 pair of doc martens postman shoes

1 pair of wellies

1 pair of 3 year old running shoes

1 pair of walking boots.

And that is enough.

In fact I don’t think I have too many of anything really, ( though you best ask K I may be somewhat over stacked with power tools)

I tend to the “wait till the old one breaks before I buy a new one, however, K noticed the other day when looking at a load of old piccys from my last life that I am still wearing the same type of clothes I wore in 1985.

The reason for this is that my clothes philosophy is “will it stop me from being arrested and will I be warm enough” which I know is a little sartorially challenged but there it is.

Here is a before and after picky of me

Me and Boo in about 1985

me last year being old and fat and knackered.

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