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my feet

I have not a clue what to write about today,I've just been trying to play and sing "Say hello wave goodbye" like David gray does, but it sounded like poo so I've given up for now. I dont like David Gray at all apart from that one song.

God this is dull... sorry

the cat just made my nose bleed, I was lay on the bed tickling its tum when it stretched its front legs out, placed its paw on the end of my nose and then stuck its claw in my conk. it was all very slow and gentle so I didnt drown the sodding thing coz it was an accident, but it bled a lot....

Its not getting any more interesting is it????

uuuurrrm... I pick my toe nails, if left alone in a room for more than say an hour its socks off and a damty good picking session, then it hurts and I hobble around for 2 days feeling very silly.

I have one eye that can see things big and blurry, and the other sees things small and focused.If I blink alternate eyes quickly one after the other I can play "big-little-big-little" where the world seems to be jumping backwards and forwards. I do this a lot too.

This is the drabbest entry EVER....

My toes bend funny, here is a piccy of my feet, the back garden is behind them and behind the monster "stockade" fence is a railway line.

I will maybe update again later, I'm off to take the kids out for their tea.

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