PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... hic!

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Hic! I’ve had 4 cans of miller lite, which being in the UK should be miller LIGHT. So what can I say, I’m sat here looking divine with 2 rolled up bits of tissue bunged up my hooter as it wont stop dripping.

I have no words to say so this will be a random collection of thoughts, its 01:44 am and I’m still awake. This is part of my procedure to become accustomed to tomorrows night shift, stay up late then sleep for as long as poss tomorrow.

I was reading lizardspace’s entry about how her man ended up naked on his stag doo. I have a history of losing my clobber. The most radical time being after a “Lock-in” at a pub (a lock-in being an after hours drink) I walked 2 miles naked to a cave where I slept in a puddle with a plastic rhinoceros standing guard at the mouth of the cave. Don’t ask why coz I don’t know.

When I was at School there was a teacher who taught “environmental science”. Once in his class I was talking instead of writing and he snuck up behind me and twatted me hard on the side of the head, knocking me off my stool. I fell to the floor and lay motionless for two mins before drooling and twitching in what I thought to be a convincing “boy with brain damage way”. When I got up he was WHITE AS A SHEET” (capitals to show how white he was) after that I sent him every reply paid hearing aid/solid fuel/ insurance form I could find from 2 years of the reader digest. Oh yeah, I let 3 of his car tires down too.

All he had to do was ask ell me to be quiet, there was no need to belt me one.

The moral being “violence brings unwanted junk mail plus 30 mins with a foot pump”

Ok Its not Aaesops fables but its nor the cosby show either!

On a person note which you may not wish to read, I had some tremendous luuurve making tonight, I don’t think K was really in the mood until we started some serious kissing, ……..waves on a beach……gramaphone going scukada-skukada…….

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