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I'm a bit scared

Iíve felt really odd all afternoon, I feel sort of scared and worried. But its like Iím really worried about something, but have forgotten what it was. Very strange.

Why am I worried about an invisible thing? Fuck knows is my only answer.

I had to travel 90 miles today to o a poxy little job. I arranged for today thinking I would be dropping noodle off at home, but he went home yesterday on the train. So rather than let the bloke down I went and did it. 90 miles worth of diesel, 5 hours of my day (the job only took an hour the rest was driving across the peak district on wiggly roads) for 60 GBP. DOH!

I hope it went some way to ramp up my positive Karma. The bloke was a school teacher, he couldnít have looked more like the stereotype if he had tried. The icing on the cake was when I tried to wash my grubby mitts using ďECOCLEANĒ washing up liquid. It smelt like stagnant pond and just left my hands wet and still dirty. If this save the world kick is to continue I must start carrying my own swarfega.

I know Iím dissing the eco movement but I honestly think we are going about it all wrong. I see countless monster SUVís driving to the bottle bank to deposit 4 red wine bottles. Surely it must fuck the earth up more all these 2 mile monster truck deliveries than me just bunging the things in the bin.

Where I used to live the socialist council had a much better approach. Basically all the household kack was collect by the binmen, taken to a big smelly conveyor belt and sorted by hand. A poo job I know but the centralised approach saved on all those ďconscience milesĒ and what was no good for recycling got burnt. (ideally I suppose it should be used for a district heating scheme, but it wasnít)

Anyway thatís my rant finished. Iím as horny as hell and on a promise so you lot can go talk amongst yourselves whilst I go for a bit of the old in-out! (go on name that book!)

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